Zephyli are a race of winged beings native to Lezaria.


Zephyli stand around 3'8“ to 4'4” feet tall when fully upright, but usually hunch over. They have proportionally long limbs, and wings that attach at the shoulder. They are completely covered in fur, except for the underside of the wings. Females have silver feathers, and males have gold. Their fur ranges between brown, black, white, cream, and ginger, usually in solid colors, although black or white markings are uncommon.

Zephyli have no natural affinity toward magic, although they unconsciously use Dream Magic to communicate with one another and the great trees of Thalarey in a communal dream world.

Zephyli have a lifespan of around twenty years. They are fully physically mature and considered adults at three years old. They rapidly develop language and general knowledge from their communal dream.


Zephyli originated on Lezaria, in the forests of Thalarey, and have spread from that land very little. They are closely tied in with the great trees with which they dream, and most are unwilling to live without them. The handful of Zephyli that spend much time away from the trees are regarded as outcasts in Zephyl society, and considered to have lost touch with the dream.

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