Zarhanna is the largest continent on the planet of Lezaria. It stretches down from the north pole and covers a sizable percentage of the northern hemisphere, and reaches nearly halfway around the world.


The westernmost country in Zarhanna is Noraley, inhabited by red elves. It's located along the southern coast and extends into a peninsula to the west. Along the middle countries of the south coast lie the kingdoms of the song elves. East of the River Vevelan from Noraley lies Taverak. East of the Mountains of Morderant lies Thalarey. East of the Kedresidon Mountains lies Kedresida. The Endless Plains lies east of Kedresida past the River Samadon. Beyond the River Galsidh lies Mithim, making up the easternmost point of Zarhanna, populated by gnomes. The archipelago of Domgad-Festig lies east of Zarhanna.

Inland, north of Noraley lies Corvar. North of Taverak lies Garateck, which also bounds part of Noraley as well, populated by trolls. RÍzán lies north of Thalarey, the primary homeland of the goblins. North of Kedresida lies the Great Bird Lake. North of the Endless Plains lies Tregas Valley, home of the mountain dwarves. North of Mithim, Dorackelleth stretches up the eastern coast into the northern ice fields. The Valley of Gal lies in the northern reaches of Mithim, inside the large caldera of a volcano.

North of Garateck lies Tominia. North of the Great Bird Lake lies Celevia, home of the snow elves, also extending across the arctic ice cap.

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