Windriders, also called Tisali in their own language, are a race of elves who ride flokai, although they allow others of any race into their organization.


Windriders are small and limber elves, standing between 4'8“ to 5'8”. Their skin tone is blue in various shades. Their hair color can be purple, green, blue, or black. Their eyes are usually amber, silver, or blue, although any color is possible, if rare.

Windriders, like most elven races, have a natural aptitude toward magic, and are slightly more likely than average to have Wind and Lightning Magic.

Although all permanent residents of Dalizar and their relatives call themselves Windriders, the core membership of their organization is telepathically bonded to flokai. Not all of them, and there would not be enough flokai for all of them even if all flokai were willing and able to bond with a humanoid partner, but most of their more prominent members have been bonded.


They're originally descended from an offshoot related to song elves and snow elves who lived in western Taverak, Garateck, and Corvar. However, as the Windriders are an organization as much as they are a race, those still distantly related to them living in those areas do not call themselves Windriders, but consider themselves to be snow elves. Most Windriders on Lezaria live in Dalizar.

The idea of riding telepathically bonded winged creatures independently arose on Hasaris and parts of Wilderplane. These groups are less primarily elven, and ride a much wider variety of creatures. Griffins are the typical mount on Wilderplane, while on Hasaris, groups riding bonded creatures of all sorts almost make up a majority of the population, due to its nature as a collection of small floating islands.

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