Wilderplane, also known as Arboria, is a plane reachable from the Nexus of Torn Elkandu. Unlike most planes, it is comprised of three Nexi, the primary of which is the Nexus of Kelletirandia.


At the center of Wilderplane stands the Spire of Kelletirandia, housing its primary Nexus and providing a powerful planar stabilizer. In perfect concentric circles from the Spire lay the Civilized Realms, the Wilderness, and the Sea of Doom.

The second Nexus on Wilderplane's land mass, and the only one reachable from Torn Elkandu, is located near City in the Trees deep in the Wilderness. It is not powerful enough to create a stabilization field that extends much beyond the Spire's, but its region of the Wilderness is somewhat more stable than the rest. The area between City in the Trees and the Sea of Doom is known as Seventeen Rivers.

The final Nexus connected to Wilderplane is located in Doomreign, past the Sea of Doom to the northwest of the Wilderness. It is barely reachable from the primary landmass, and might have been completely disconnected if City in the Trees' Nexus weren't creating a stabilization field large enough to extend the planar shelf beneath the Sea of Doom between it and the Doomreign Nexus. Doomreign is a desolate place, and its Nexus is broken. While it can accept incoming teleports, it cannot be activated to teleport out again.


Wilderplane has a sun that orbits around the top of the Spire. It orbits directly overhead at midsummer and turns at an increasingly oblique angle over the course of the year. At midwinter, the sun does not fully set, but revolves in a circle above the Sea of Doom. The ocean boils, and the surface of Doomreign is scorched, forcing its inhabitants to winter in underground caverns. It takes the sun 225 days to make a full year.

Two small moons circles the plane beyond the orbit of the sun, one lavender and one pale green. They maintain a north-to-south path around the Spire and orbit at precisely opposite sides of the plane. It takes twenty-five days for the moons to cross the sky, after which they spend the next twenty-five days beneath the plane before rising again as the other sets.

While stars are visible from Wilderplane, they're nothing more than a dome covered in pinpricks of light, an imitation of the night sky in the Prime Realm.

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