Wild folk

Wild folk, also called monsters, are the people of Albrynnia who were transformed by Harmony into various forms with parts from multiple animal species. Despite their great physical differences, due to the infusion of Change Magic into their blood, they are generally capable of interbreeding and creating fertile offspring, with unpredictable results.


Although there are a very large number of possible forms of monsters, they can be classified according to their basic characteristics.


A human torso attached to a horse at the neck, possessing four hooves and two arms. There are many variations of this form, sometimes inaccurately classified with the suffix “-taur”, e.g. zebrataur, tigertaur, minotaurtaur.


Harpies have elements of humans and birds, with wings and usually possessing the legs of birds.


The fusion of a human with a cow or bull, usually possessing horns and hooves.

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