Werewolves are a race of shapeshifters who can transform into wolves.


Werewolves can be of any humanoid race, but are usually human. They can turn into an ordinary humanoid, an ordinary wolf, and a large hybrid wolf-man.

Werewolf souls can be born into any werewolf bloodline, although not all of those in a shifter-kin bloodline will be werewolves. In addition to any race of humanoid, werewolves are also capable of mating with wolves in their wolf form, and cubs born of such bloodlines can also be werewolves.


Although werewolves originated on Lezaria, they often have the ability to physically enter the Ethereal Plane and cross between worlds. Those werewolves capable of doing so can lead their packs through the Ethereal. As such, they have migrated out from Lezaria to all across the planes and planets, including Earth.

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