Water Magic

Water Magic, sometimes called hydromancy, is a common elemental Talent involving the manipulation of water.

The aura color associated with Water Magic is blue-green.


A Water Mage can conjure water, from a small amount to drink, to a torrent to sweep away an enemy. They can manipulate water, such as to propel a boat through water or to calm raging waves.

On a more mundane level, a Water Mage can easily clean and dry clothing and objects.


While Water is fairly straightforward at first glance, lesser known abilities allow manipulation of any liquid, not merely water. While Poison Magic is sometimes considered a separate Talent, strictly speaking it's really a subset of Water. Most Poison Mages are automatically immune to all poisons as a matter of course.

A Poison Mage can conjure poison to contaminate food or drink or to coat weapons with. Some Poison Mages grow venomous fangs or claws if their race did not already have fangs or claws. A highly skilled Poison Mage can even directly envenom a victim without touching them.

Poison Mages can often detect and neutralize any poison.

The aura color associated with Poison Magic is olive green.


Strictly speaking, the term Blood Magic often refers to the practice of using blood and ritual sacrifices to increase the available power in a spell. This is not an ability related to any Talent, but merely a ritual focus available to all mages.

True Blood Magic involves the manipulation of blood. This can be incredibly dangerous, because with great skill and power, a Blood Mage can manipulate the blood inside another person's body. On a beneficial level, they can staunch bleeding and purge contaminants from the blood. On an offensive level, they could quickly kill a victim through manipulation of their blood. Most Blood Mages can only affect their own blood, however.

The aura color associated with Blood Magic is dark red.

Common Talents Earth, Fire, Frost, Lightning, Water, Wind
Uncommon Talents Death, Illusion, Life, Mind, Motion, Security, Seeking, Speech
Rare Talents Catalysm, Change, Dream, Soul, Time, Void
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