Void elves

Void elves, or Vel'dari in their own language, are a race of elves who lived on the plane of Vel'kira.


Although some Vel'dari still display the golden coloration of their Til'dari ancestors, they're a diverse race with a wide variety of coloration and features. Some parts of the Vel'kiran Empire were more tolerant of mutants and deviations from the ideal than others, but the widely accepted line between an elf and a mutant who was no longer an elf tended to lie at the general physical features, ears and body size.

Like all elves, Vel'dari are naturally strongly adept at magic of all forms.


Vel'dari were widespread across the artificial plane of Vel'kira, but since its destruction, no new Vel'dari will be born, although there may still be ancient survivors who were born while Vel'kira still existed. Vel'dari blood lives on only in the wide variety of elves and mutated descendants across the planes.

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