Undead are beings that exist in the world past the dead of their corporeal body, in forms that are no longer truly alive. This broad classification consists of a variety of types of creatures that could loosely be considered races.

Corporeal undead

Some undead retain a body of some sort, or have possessed or constructed a body that was not originally their own. These forms include liches and vampires.

Mindless undead

Some types of corporeal undead do not actually contain a soul, and are simply animated by Death Magic, such as zombies.

Incorporeal undead

Other undead persist in the world despite having no tangible form. Their ability to interact with the physical world is limited without the use of telekinesis or other forms of magic. Examples of incorporeal undead include ghosts and wraiths.

Corporeal Lich, Vampire
Mindless Skeleton, Zombie
Incorporeal Ghost, Wraith
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