Trolls are a race found on Lezaria and some of the planes.


They tend to be larger than humans, averaging seven to eight feet tall and very muscular, although there are runts. Mountain trolls have skin tone varying between gray, brown, and green, while frost trolls have shades of blue, gray, and white. Most trolls have horns. They lack hair, and their eyes are black.


Mountain trolls are found primarily in Garateck, and frost trolls in Tominia.


In ancient days, the mountain trolls of Garateck revered their wizards and shamans as brilliant leaders and figureheads. They had a set of magic books written in their own tongue, Astanic. During the Necromancer's War, trolls made heavy use of Death Magic and Summoning. To prevent this from getting out of hand, the wizard Arkavellet laid a powerful curse upon the entire race, preventing any of them from being able to channel mana at all. No one was left who could read the Astanic spellbooks.

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