Tree elves

Tree elves, known as Tin'dari in their own language, are a race of elves who lived on Lezaria in ancient days. They are the ancestors of the song elves and red elves.


At a glance, tree elves could easily pass for song elves, although they exhibit a greater variety of colorations and are taller on average.

Like all elves, Tin'dari are naturally strongly adept at magic of all forms.


Tree elves primarily lived in Thalarey and Kedresida. At some point, they learned a technique to place their souls within the giant magical trees of Thalarey, where they could still use magic but did not require food or rest. Many of them took to living full time in the dreamworld, eventually getting to the point where their bodies wound up being destroyed and most of those now trapped in the dream never noticing or caring.

The only ones still alive today are those who placed their souls within the great trees. Any extant descendants now call themselves song elves and red elves.

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