Torn Elkandu

Torn Elkandu is a pocket-world anchored to Lezaria. It is used as a base of operations for the Elkandu.

The Nexus of Torn Elkandu can connect to Sasherey, City in the Trees, Iron City, Straegarx, Khizsalr, Hasaris, and Corstad.


In the center of Torn Elkandu stands an active and fully functional Nexus. Eight roads lead out from the center at precise angles, culminating in a perfect circle called Infinity's Road. The full structure is approximately a mile in diameter.

From the west of the Nexus lies Earth's Road, leading toward a garden called Earth's Grove outside of Infinity's Road. The district contains most of the city's restaurants and grocers.

To the northwest stretches Thought's Road, along which lay shops selling books and scrolls. Past Infinity's Road lies the School of Thought, the premier teaching center of the Elkandu, as well as administrative facilities.

To the north lies Frost's Road, which sports the city's clothing shops, as well as one shop selling frozen desserts. Past Infinity's Road stands a peak called Frost's Mountain.

To the northeast runs Water's Road. Along it lies shops selling potions and beverages, as well as the city's main tavern, the Crux. The city's sanitation building is also found here. Beyond Infinity's Road lies a small lake called Water's Lake.

East from the Nexus runs Wind's Road, culminating in Wind's Clouds, strangely solid. The district primarily contains entertainment areas.

To the southeast is Lightning's Road, where the city's technological workshops and stores can be found. At the end of the road past the circle lies the Junkyard.

South of the Nexus lies Fire's Road, where the city's forges can be found, and shops selling weapons and armor. Near the Nexus stands a barracks and weapon storage. Past Infinity's Road lie the Caves of Fire, burning with pools of molten lava.

Southwest of the Nexus lies Soul's Road. Here lies most of the residential areas in Torn Elkandu, beyond those shops where the shopkeeper lives in the same building as their shop. It also contains the Temple of Souls, the primary religious and healing center in the city. Beyond Infinity's Road lies the Graveyard of Lost Souls.



Torn Elkandu was originally called Til'aris, meaning “Memory of the Sun” in the old Til'dari language. It was the first city created in the artificial plane of Vel'kira, and the capital of the Vel'kiran Empire. A brilliant sun shone overhead, bathing the city in perpetual daylight. For a time, the inhabitants continued to call themselves Til'dari, but they eventually acknowledged that Til'raine was gone for good and this was no true replacement, but perhaps something better, and embraced the title as Vel'dari.

Til'aris was one of the most conservative of the Vel'kiran cities, tolerating mutants only very reluctantly, although they welcomed magic in all forms. A good deal of this magic may have leaked through the permanent gateway to Lezaria, saturating it in a much higher mana level than normal. This gateway was, however, kept tightly locked down in the heart of the imperial palace, where no one could use it to travel to and from the planet.

When Vel'kira destabilized and collapsed, the once-proud realm surrounding Til'aris was almost completely annihilated. The sun went out, and the city was reduced to a tiny pocket-world as the open Ethereal Plane consumed most of the surrounding territory. The people of Til'aris, most of whom did not know there was even a gate to Lezaria hidden inside the palace, evacuated the city through the Nexus. They did not attempt to reclaim it, and left it abandoned.

Torn Elkandu

Over millennia of neglect, most of the structures in the pocket-world were left in a state of ruin. The imperial palace itself dissolved into the Ethereal, leaving the gate clear.

Keolah discovered the pocket-world in 4323 LY, reactivated the Nexus, and claimed it as the headquarters of a new organization called the Elkandu.

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