Til'raine is the ancient planet that was the original homeworld of the elves, now long destroyed. The name means “Glory of the Sun” in the Til'dari language.


Til'raine was a small planet, orbiting close to a small sun. Its days were twenty hours long, and it revolved around its sun every 225 local days.


The first sentient species to arise in the galaxy, the sun elves, or Til'dari as they called themselves, arose on Til'raine in a distant age. Til'raine was a planet rich in mana, and the elves were very magically inclined beings. The elves honed their magic, bodies, and world to what they believed was perfection.

Sun elves used magic to alter the climate of their world in order to allow them to spend more time in sunlight. This necessitated using more magic to allow plants to grow in the absence of rainfall, and a variety of other problems that arose from their meddling. Their continuous overuse of magic slowly weakened the Veil between the Material Plane and the Ethereal Plane.

Not all elves remained on Til'raine. A steady stream of them left for the stars, to become the star elves. This included an increasing number of mutants as well. As the sun elves kept using too much magic, mutations began to occur more and more frequently among their population. Since they marred the perfection of the sun elves, they were outcasts from the moment of their birth, and the ones who could not even be recognized as elves were classified as mere beasts.

It took many ages for mutants to be given rights and recognized as people, and even then only begrudgingly and only became there were so many of them. Magic had changed them, and continued to change them. Few of the pure golden sun elves were born any longer.

Eventually, the pressure on Til'raine's sun became too great. It had destabilized due to the wild spells and rituals that kept being directed at it by misguided sun worship. Everyone wanted more sun, but there wasn't enough to go around. When they realized what was happening to the sun, some tried to correct the instability, which only delayed the inevitable. Others began work on a mad plan: the construction of an artificial world in the Ethereal Plane, called Vel'kira.

During the waning days of Til'raine, sun elves and their mutant descendants were evacuated to Vel'kira in droves. Some sun elves refused to leave behind the glory of the sun, and remained gazing into it as the sun went nova.

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