Suzcecoz Ilawi

Suzcecoz Ilawi, commonly called Suzy, is an inborn Fire Mage originally from City in the Trees, on Wilderplane. Her aura is golden.


Suzy was born in 4311 LY as a pixie in City in the Trees, to Azlahroz Ilawi.

Nexus of the Wilderness

Suzy was present when the Elkandu first activated the Nexus in City in the Trees, allowing Keolah and Hawthorne to explore Wilderplane. Keolah informed her that she was an inborn mage, but could not tell her what her Talent was, and began teaching her magic.

With her newly forged connection to the Ether, the floodgates opened and Suzy lost control of her magic. She killed her mother accidentally and was taken back to Torn Elkandu, where she began to learn to control her powers.

In hopes of learning more magic and becoming stronger, Suzy became apprenticed to Warui via soul bond. He began teaching her Soul Magic, but in the process, she became possessed by a demon in a strange accident. The demon could not control her directly, but compelled her to take a series of actions that would allow it to take control. Suzy forged a sword and placed part of her soul inside, weakening her connection to her body and allowing the demon to influence her much more.

The demon compelled her to cross the Wilderness to find a node strong enough to perform a teleport ritual to travel to the Abyss. Once in the demon's home realm, the demon was able to take control of her body, until Warui found her and tore her soul from her body, placing it withing a soulstone for safe transit.

Warui took her body, sword, and soulstone back to Torn Elkandu, not realizing that Suzy's soul was only in the sword, and the soulstone contained only the demon. He fused the two souls together and placed the combined soul back into Suzy's body, resurrecting her. The demon, however, now knew her true name, and had taken full control, trapping Suzy in a prison in her own mind. A battle of Mind Magic ensued, resulting in Suzy learning the demon's true name: Ayande. Using that, she was able to take control again.

Suzy came to some agreements and understandings with Ayande, and refused to reveal her true name to Warui. Due to their fusion, they effectively now had two true names, and without knowing the demon's, Warui was unable to command Suzy. He released her from her soul bond and left Torn Elkandu, leaving Suzy to learn to live with Ayande.

Nexus of the Spire

Suzy sought out Ayande's missing apprentice, Vanankyte, and thereby assists in activating the Nexus of the city of Kelletirandia and opening the Spire therein for the first time. Vanankyte had been imprisoned by the Nameless One, and led Suzy's group on a chase through sewers and caves. Suzy ultimately had to rescue both of them after they were captured by dwarves living in an area that nullified magic.

Nexus of Ice

Suzy set up shop in Warui's old workshop in Torn Elkandu, joined by Vanankyte, Moonstone, Tzek, and the Nameless One. Busily making preparations for a full scale invasion of the Abyss, they did not have time to teach Setti the basics of Soul Magic when he came asking for assistance.

Due to Setti's shoddy training, Suzy wound up having to intervene when he accidentally summoned horrors into the School of Thought dorms. After being reluctant to become a lich yet, Setti decided to join up with Suzy's group after his rapid advancement and driven study and experimentation habits caught their attention.

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