Sun elves

Sun elves, or Til'dari in their own language, are the original race of elves, and the ancestors of most other humanoid species.


Sun elves have golden skin, golden hair, and golden eyes, and tend to be extremely critical of any mutants that deviate from this “perfection”.

Like all elves, sun elves have a natural aptitude toward magic, especially Illusion Magic. This, however, is much, much stronger than in most elves. They do not naturally age unless they have been mutated.


Sun elves were only found on Til'raine. They considered anyone who left Til'raine to be an outcast to their kind, and only elves born on Til'raine could be considered sun elves, anyone born elsewhere was called El'dari, star elves. With the destruction of Til'raine, no more sun elves will be born, although a few surviving ones originally born on Til'raine might still be found on the planes or planets.

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