A soul is the part of a person that allows them to use magic, and is reborn upon the death of their physical body. Beings without souls are unable to use any form of magic directly, although they may still be able to benefit from enchanted items.


Souls are what keeps living beings alive, and all living beings have souls, from the mightiest mages to the tiniest ants. Souls allow a being to use magic, and an open connection between a soul and the Ether is what makes a person a mage.

Each realm has souls with their own characteristics, and a Seeker or Soul Mage can detect from what realm a soul originated from. Souls from different realms may have vulnerabilities to certain materials, or have limitations on what powers they can use. Such souls may have difficulty in using their powers on objects made of the material, become weaker upon touching them, and be greatly harmed if injured by them.

  • Horrors are vulnerable to gold.
  • Primal souls are vulnerable to lead.
  • Infernal souls are vulnerable to silver.
  • Divine souls are vulnerable to tin (and hence bronze).
  • Planar (fairy) souls are vulnerable to iron (and hence steel).
  • Mundane souls cannot use magic.
  • Chimerical souls lose control of their form on contact with quicksilver (mercury).


When a being dies, the soul will linger near its body for up to three days, after which point it will pass into the Dream. While in the Dream, it can visit the dreams of living beings, and may form a bubble of memory around themselves and haunt places where they once were in life. The time spent in the Dream can vary from person to person, but ultimately, a soul will pass into the Ether where it will be reborn.

Soul Magic, as the name might imply, is the Talent that involves manipulation of the soul in various ways. Some Soul Mages are powerful enough that they can even use it to remain within the Veil upon the destruction of their body, by possession or turning themselves into one of various forms of sentient undead.

Souls are immortal, difficult to actually damage, and nearly indestructible.

Concepts Aura, Focus, Inborn, Mana, Rebirth, Ritual, Runes, Soul, Talents
Locations Dream, Ether, Nodes, Veil, Void
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