Song elves

Song elves, called Zartáni in their own language, are a race of elves native to Lezaria.


Song elves have violet skin in varying shades, with pale lavender being the most common. Their hair can be various shades of purple, green, blue, silver, or black. Eye colors range between silver, gold, and amber, with the occasional blue or violet.

Like all elves, song elves display a natural aptitude with magic of all sorts. Song elves are somewhat more likely to be proficient with Wind or Water Magic.


Song elves are the most populous race of elves on Lezaria. They are the majority inhabitants of Thalarey, Taverak, and Kedresida, and most of the elves who have spread out across the world have been song elves.

Out in the planes, song elves tend to be mistaken for the more common high elves. Some of simply refer to themselves as such to avoid confusion, while others are very insistent about clarifying to people that they're song elves rather than high elves.

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