Snow Elves

Snow elves, called Nystáni in their own language, are a race of elves found on Lezaria and Sasherey.


Snow elves tend to be somewhat smaller than other elven races, standing around 4'8“ to 5'6” tall. Their skin is snow white or ice blue. Their hair is white, silver, lavender, or blue. Their eyes are silver, blue, lavender, or black.

Like other elven races, snow elves have a natural aptitude toward magic. Almost all of them have some degree of low level Frost Magic, giving them a resistance to cold.


Snow elves prefer to live in cold climates, and as such, the majority of their population resides in northern Lezaria and on Sasherey. Although of different origins, both populations of elves reacted to the cold environment in the same way.

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