A pantheon is a set of deities, spirits, and heroes worshipped by a particular culture. Not all of the beings in a pantheon are true deities, and indeed many of them do not even exist. Nature spirits tend to be popular subjects of worship since, despite their lesser power, will sometimes actually do something when asked.


Lezaria has several pantheons, but the primary ones are the ones of Albrynnia and the elves of Zarhanna.


Albrynnians venerate the Three, the Shaper (order), Catalyst (balance), and Changer (chaos). Although not true deities, the Three are long-lived and extremely powerful, to the point of becoming near-mythical. Along with these, a number of nature spirits are venerated by the wild folk, and the Trickster is widely considered a rogue agent who might help or hinder who he chooses.


The pantheon of Zarhanna worshipped by the song elves and snow elves is comprised of a wide array of beings. Chief among them is Zaravin the Wise, an actual true deity who nonetheless rarely intervenes in worldly affairs.

Name Sphere Status
Aeris Mother, family Tree elf (deceased)
Breseva Springtime, flowers Tree elf (deceased)
Distrae Protection, justice Tree elf
Fosere Peace, rest true deity
Hadis The Underworld Void elf (deceased)
Hinzapha Farming, earth nature spirit
Kenzuri Rivers, music nature spirit
Ozelin Travel, wind nature spirit
Shazmar Trickery, madness true deity
Valissa Oceans, seafaring nature spirit
Zaravin Wisdom, knowledge true deity
Trolls and goblins

The trolls and goblins of Garateck, Tominia, and Rízán primarily worship a variety of nature spirits, as well as the Trickster. Each goblin tribe often had spirits of their own that they called on, which, while weak, tended to be more than happy for the attention. Goblin shamans specialize in calling forth elemental spirits to aid them.


Fairies and wood elves

The fairies and elves of City in the Trees, Seventeen Rivers, and Doomreign worship nature spirits.

High elves

The high elves of Kelletirandia and the rest of the Civilized Realms tend to be atheistic, in the sense that they know there are powerful divine entities but have no interest in giving them worship of any sort.

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