Nymphs are a humanoid race found on Lezaria and the planes.


Although they look superficially similar to elves, nymphs are not true elves, and are actually humanoid elemental creatures. They are closely connected to nature and tend to keep to themselves, having no real society amongst them. As elementals, they are genderless and do not reproduce biologically.

All nymphs are inherently magical creatures, and can use their associated form of magic innately.


Nymphs of the breeze and winds. Aurae have yellowish skin and hair like prairie grass.


Nymphs of the ice and snow. Boreads have white skin with a snowy or icy texture, and hair that often resembles icicles or newly-fallen snow.


Nymphs of the trees, plants, and forest. Dryads may have green skin like leaves, or brown textured like bark. If they have hair, it is green and sometimes resembles moss or lichen more than actual hair.


Nymphs of fire and lava. Their skin is black or gray like ash or obsidian, and their hair orange or red and often resembles fire more than hair.


Nymphs of the rivers, lakes, and streams. Naiads have pale blue or aqua skin, and blue hair.


Nymphs of the seas and ocean. Nereids have deep blue skin and green hair that often resembles kelp or sea grass more than hair.


Nymphs of the hills and mountains. Oreads have gray or brown skin that often has a rocky texture, and green hair that often resembles moss more than hair.


Nymphs can be found in any natural area suitable to their element, especially around nodes. As such, they are more common on the planes.

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