Nexus of the Wilderness


The first novel in the Shadows of Serriya series introduces the world of Wilderplane, a seemingly endless forest inhabited by fairies.

Keolah dreamed of a school where people could learn and share their magic freely, rather than being constrained to what a master might teach an apprentice and hindered by mages who keep secrets and take their knowledge to the grave. But things are not so simple, and not everyone shares her dream. Starting a family with her girlfriend might wind up taking priority over her work, however.

Suzy is an emotionally-unstable pixie with a terrible temper. She had always been told that she couldn't become a mage. She had never imagined other worlds, until a magical device activates near her home and brings visitors from a distant realm. Suzy's desire to gain power and knowledge drives her to take mad risks and lures her into dark places. In the end, it might be up to her friends to save her from herself.


Keolah Kedaire, a song elf Seeker, hopes to build a school where people can learn freely.

Hawthorne Chelseer, a song elf Warder, Keolah's girlfriend and pregnant with her first child.

Suzcecoz Ilawi, a pixie Fire Mage, seeks to learn everything she can.

Warui, a Death Mage, coming to teach dark magic.

Silver Renneck, a Windrider, hopes to come to terms with his issues and stop avoiding his family.

Sardill, a human Catalyst, has purposes of his own.

Harmony, a Changer, studies the new creatures they've discovered on Wilderplane.

Amanda, a human technomancer, tries to set up technology in Torn Elkandu.

Delven Thrack, a human Speaker, learns the songs and stories of new places.

Jerel Caithnor, a human Traveller, hired on to assist in transportation.

Kithere Kedaire, a song elf Healer, helps and heals people when she can.

Moonstone, an elf Mind Mage, doesn't know what his true inborn magic is.

Tihala, a song elf Wind Mage, never shuts up.

Tzek, an imp, probably spying on the group.


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