Nexus of the Spire

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The second novel in the Shadows of Serriya series arrives in the great city of Kelletirandia, in the heart of Wilderplane.

Demon-possessed mage Suzcecoz Ilawi has to learn to deal with her situation. But the demon had an apprentice, Vanankyte, who left the Abyss in search of her and is now missing. To appease the demon, Suzy agrees to find her apprentice.

Suzy's search brings her to Kelletirandia, a vast city ruled over by the imperious high elves. But beneath its shining exterior, the city holds terrible secrets. Suzy soon learns that there are far worse things than demons in the multiverse.


Suzcecoz Ilawi, with the demon Ayande along for the ride.

Vanankyte Venari, fire demon apprentice to Ayande, lost and imprisoned.

Keolah Kedaire, a song elf Seeker, lending her eyes to the quest.

Hawthorne Chelseer, song elf Wind Mage, Keolah's girlfriend, charging into adventure.

The Nameless One, nihilistic high elf mage, holding Vanankyte captive.

Moonstone, song elf/snow elf Frost Mage, Suzy's friend and companion.

Tzek, an imp and Ayande oldest friend.

Kithere Kedaire, a dwarf Life Mage, Keolah's sister, disapproving of her actions.

Jerel Caithnor, a human Motion Mage who really would rather not be helping demons.

Harmony Kimchild, the Changer, making fairy cats somewhere in the Wilderness.

Amanda Kimchild, human Earth Mage, fascinated by the Spire.

Sardill, the Catalyst, loitering ominously.

Inuil Starbreak, a high elf necromancer.

Wernux, a gnome mage, in it for himself.

Valerezal, Keliole, and Scregor, being babies.

Vakis, mysteriously forgotten again and again.

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