Nexus of the Ancients

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The first novel in the Serriya series introduces the world of Lezaria, a magical place full of elves, mages, and strange creatures.

Keolah only wanted to see the world and learn what knowledge she could find. But the world can be a dangerous place, full of guns, monsters, and dark magic. Even the machines and steamships commonplace in the world seem strange to her after leaving the hidden elven kingdom that had been her home for all her life.

The discovery of the Nexus changes everything. An abandoned magical construct was built by people long since lost to the world, promising to be the key to the multiverse. But first, the party must learn what it is, and more importantly, how to use it. To that end, old enemies must put their animosities aside in order to achieve a common goal.

Keolah's journey takes her around the world, by land and by sea, exploring ancient ruins and learning forgotten secrets. Along the way, she makes friends and enemies, and might even find a woman to love and spend her life with.


Keolah Kedaire, a song elf druid, leaves home to explore the world and learn about its people and history.

Hawthorne Chelseer, a wood elf warrior, seeks adventure, and more importantly, to avoid getting married to her second cousin.

Delven Thrack, a human bard, travels with them in hopes of finding new songs, or perhaps writing them.

Sedder, a half-elf rogue, may not have their best interests at heart.

Sardill, a human Catalyst, holds secrets of his own.

Silver Renneck, a Windrider, is looking for a new purpose in life following the untimely death of his wife.

Kithere Kedaire, a song elf Healer, just wants to go home again.

Yennik, a goblin shaman, in it for himself, or does he actually care?

Sarom Zenk, a gnome steamship captain, is more interested in fortune than fame or knowledge.

Calto, a gnome engineer, is driven by a curiosity about the world and how it works.

Amanda Kimchild, a human, technomancer, pushing the world into progress.

Vakis, a human hunter, gets dragged into this mess whether he wants to or not.

Tor, a human fisherman, the quiet one, easily overlooked.

Harmony Kimchild, a human Changer, only ever wanted to change the world.

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