A Nexus is a powerful magical device that allows teleportation to other worlds.


Unmodified, Nexi are strictly only capable of teleporting people to other Nexi, but they can also be used to enhance one's natural Motion Magic or modified by a natural Motion Mage, although this tampering can destabilize the construct.

With greater skill and tampering, a Nexus can even be set up as a teleportation beacon that allows Travellers to more easily teleport directly to it, and if they forge a magical link to the Nexus, they can Recall to it with very little skill required.


The primary component of a Nexus consists of eight obelisks arranged in a circle, covered in Tinean runes. The full structure, including supporting components, is the size of a small city. Eight rune-lined spokes stretch out from the central Nexus, culminating in an outer circle around the whole complex.

If any part of the complex is destroyed or damaged, it can destabilize or entirely deactivate the Nexus itself. Most Nexi in the multiverse are nonfunctional due to cumulative damage over the ages.


The original Nexi were constructed by the Vel'dari, linking together all the disparate cities of the Vel'kiran Empire. When Vel'kira collapsed, many of these Nexi survived in the various smaller planes that were remnants of Vel'kira.

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