Mind Mages

Mind Magic, sometimes called telepathy or psionics, is an uncommon Talent that allows a variety of abilities related to thought and memory.

The aura color typically associated with Mind Magic is purple.


The most straightforward and least invasive (barring wards) use of Mind Magic is communication. Sending a telepathic message to an individual is called sending, but the jargon term “tepping” is commonly used among those who frequently use Mind Magic. Communicating a message to everyone within range is called projecting.

Directed telepathic communication is limited by distance depending on the strength of the Mind Mage, as well as familiarity with the subject. Any Mind Mage can tep with a stranger standing directly in front of them, or with a twin sibling anywhere else in the multiverse. Skilled Mind Mages can set up a temporary mental link between themselves and another to be able to more easily keep in touch and allow the subject to reply even if they aren't a Mind Mage themselves in a manner that doesn't require the Mind Mage to scan their thoughts.

Mind reading

A more invasive use of Mind Magic is to enter the mind of another person to read their thoughts and memories. Reading only surface thoughts and emotions is called scanning, and is very hard to detect unless one is a skilled Mind Mage themselves. A deeper reading of memories is called probing, and unless the Mind Mage is very skilled, most people will be able to feel a deep probe, even potentially finding it painful.

It is more difficult to read a mind unlike one's own. While most humanoid Mind Mages are capable of reading other humanoids, for instance, language differences can make it very difficult. Only extremely skilled Mind Mages can read the memories of animals, although getting general surface emotions is simple enough, as most animals only have very simple emotions. A rare Mind Mage may be inborn with a specialized sub-Talent to communicate easily with animals without being innately able to do so with people.

Mind control

The reason Mind Mages are often feared and loathed isn't their ability to read minds, however, but being capable of controlling others. This fear tends to be unwarranted as most Mind Mages are neither skilled nor strong enough to control sentient beings. It takes quite a bit of willpower to overcome the mind of another, to the point where it is more common to employ trickery than direct control.

Thought manipulation

A Mind Mage can trick the senses of a subject, often used to blind or deafen them, or in less obvious ways, to place illusions directly in their mind. This is contrasted with Illusion Magic, which sometimes erroneously considers purely mental tricks to fall under it. True mental illusions are not visible to anyone but the subject, however.

With great skill, a Mind Mage can not only read the memories of others, but alter them completely. If done well enough, the subject may not even realize that the memory has been changed, but if anything was done wrong or the Mind Mage failed to account for something in the subject's perceptions, they may begin to realize something isn't right, especially if they know or suspect that they've been dealing with Mind Mages.

Common Talents Earth, Fire, Frost, Lightning, Water, Wind
Uncommon Talents Death, Illusion, Life, Mind, Motion, Security, Seeking, Speech
Rare Talents Catalysm, Change, Dream, Soul, Time, Void
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