Mezulbryst is a plane accessible from Torn Elkandu, Kelletirandia, and Straegarx. Notably, it is one of the few planes with no artificial sun at all, but four pale moons.


The largest city on Mezulbryst, and the location of its primary Nexus, is Iron City. The city straddles the banks of the River Styx, a river of blood that flows down into the Stygian Sea. The city of Stygia lies at the mouth of the Styx. A second Nexus lies to the south on the banks of the River Acheron, capable of reaching only Iron City and Straegarx.

The Styx is one of the five major rivers of Mezulbryst. North of the Stygian Sea stretches the River Cocytus, a river of flowing ice. South of Iron City and the Stygian Sea lies the Stygian Mountains, from which the Styx and Acheron flow. The River Acheron is a river of molten lava. The fourth major river of Mezulbryzt is the River Lethe, running through the lush valleys of the southwest and draining into the Stygian Sea. The Lethe is known to be a river of forgetfulness, but it's actually comprised of alcohol. In the northeast reaches of Mezulbryst flows the final and least known river, the Phlegethon, a river of toxic oil.


Mezulbryst is known as the Lost Hell. It originated in the Infernal Realm. Unlike many of the god-wizards of the Vel'dari, the ones behind Mezulbryst did not create their own world, but stole an existing one. As such, Mezulbryst retains a significant minority native population of demons.

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