Magic is the use of effects of the Ether, frequently involving the channeling and manipulation of mana. There are many different forms of magic and ways it can be used. The primary magic system currently in use on Lezaria utilizes Talents that one may be inborn to or trained in.

All mana ultimately originates from the Ether. The worlds people inhabit lay within the Veil, preventing mana from floating freely between them. Nodes form natural connections into the Ether. Catalysm can be used to directly manipulate mana.

Someone requires a soul in order to use magic, and the soul lets off an aura visible under mana sight in the color of of a person's magical signature. When a person dies, their soul passes through the Ether under normal circumstances, and may be reborn in a new body after a period of time that may vary greatly. Soul Magic, however, may tamper with that process.

In order to use magic more easily, weaker mages often structure their magic into spells, and may use foci such as spoken words, movements, or objects. A group of mages may also combine their powers into a ritual in order to do more powerful or complex magic than they would normally be able to. These forms of magic are commonly used on the planes, and are virtually unheard of on Lezaria in modern times.

Old magic is the earliest form of magic used in the Multiverse, and is very mysterious and poorly understood. It is based around fundamental forms of names and oaths. It is, in effect, formless magic, outside of Talents and spells.

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