Lezaria is a terrestrial planet orbiting the star locally known as Yallia, designated Tau Ceti by Earth.


Lezaria is somewhat larger than Earth, conferring slightly higher gravity. Its nearer orbit to Yallia also makes the sun appear somewhat brighter in the sky than Earth's. A higher ambient mana level makes magic of all types stronger and more commonplace.

Lezaria rotates at a rate that gives it days of 28 Earth hours long, and its years are 336 local days long, for a year that is 107.4% of Earth's year.

Two moons orbit Lezaria. The larger is called Thondorron, and is a striking silver color much like Earth's moon. The smaller is named Halladan, and its distinctive green color and association with magic has led to much folklore and speculation about its nature.


Lezaria has three main continents and two sizeable archipelagos.

Zarhanna is the largest continent, stretching across a large percentage of the northern hemisphere, and is home to the most populous and diverse of Lezaria's races. Elves, gnomes, trolls, goblins and zephyli are among the species who are primarily found in Zarhanna, as well as an offshoot of dwarves.

Kalor is the middle continent, located along the equator. While originally home to teppers and the various races of humans, elven explorers discovered it in 3992 and since began trade and settling. Due to its central position, it began something of a melting pot, particularly the seaport of Scalyr.

Albrynnia is the smallest and southernmost of the three continents, located in the southern hemisphere due south of Kalor. While once home to a great empire that spanned much of Kalor and the Sunrise Islands in addition to Albrynnia, this empire long since fell due to the influence of Harmony the Changer. Now, the land is home only to monsters and wild men.

The Sunrise Islands is a vast island chain that sprawls in the oceans east of Albrynnia and Kalor. It's primarily inhabited by humans and valiar. The Sunrise Sea separates Albrynnia from the Sunrise Islands.

Domgad-Festig is a chain of islands just east of Kalor. There are fewer islands in the chain than the Sunrise Islands, but they tend to be larger. Sorjel-Fam is the largest among them, almost large enough to be considered a continent in its own right. Domgad-Festig is primarily inhabited by dwarves and pallistelli.


Most of Lezaria's waters make up a world ocean, the largest division of which is called the Open Sea, encompassing around half the globe, east of Kalor and Albrynnia and west of Domgad-Festig.

The Great Northern Ocean lies north of Domgad-Festig and the arms of Zarhanna. The Mirandarine Ocean lies between Zarhanna, Domgad-Festig, Kalor, and the Sunrise Islands. The Sea of Stars lies between Kalor, Albrynnia, and the Sunrise Islands.

South of Albrynnia lies the Southern Ice Sea. Aside from near Albrynnia and the Sunrise Islands, it's mostly not distinct from the Open Sea but in climate, and encompasses the southern ice cap.



As with most other planets, Lezaria was originally colonized by star elves and several races of mutants. They noted only the high mana level of the planet as being desirable, without realizing that it was due to Torn Elkandu having been anchored to the planet.

The elves who settled Lezaria chose to disdain higher technology in favor of focusing on their magical potential. They experimented with Dream Magic, and came up with a way to transfer their minds and souls into great trees while their bodies rested, preserved against decay and hunger. In this state, their mental abilities were greatly enhanced and they were able to freely walk in the dreamworld without restraint. Many of the original colonists wound up remaining in the trees on a permanent basis.

The elves who remained outside the trees in the Material Plane slowly forgot their true origins to myth and legend, and split off into the snow elves and red elves, with the main population becoming the song elves.

Changer's War

Albrynnia rose to become a great empire, constantly at war. In the midst of this, the three Changers were born: Harmony, Amanda, and Sardill. They created many new races in order to fight in the imperial wars, most of which did not survive to the present day. Sardill was responsible for the teppers.

Harmony birthed almost every form of shapeshifter in the multiverse. Dragons, werewolves, valiar, pallistelli, and rahi, among many others, arose from Harmony's essence. They came to revere their progenitor, even as her true nature faded into myth and legend.

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