Kitsune Tsuki

Kitsune Tsuki is a kitsune from the Sunrise Islands.


Kitsune was born Akahashi Hotaru somewhere in the Sunrise Islands in the distant past.

Steamship of Time

In 3805, Inari commissioned Kitsune to steal the Imperial ring away from the Sunrise Emperor. She was successful, but while attempting to escape from the Imperial City with her prize, she came upon the Careful that was currently in this time period. Kitsune stowed away on board and created an illusion of Captain Zenk to command the crew to raise the gangplank and dump the Seeker Nomura into the water, and leave port, prompting the local authorities to give chase. The gnomes hastily performed a time travel ritual to return to their own time, but Kitsune was forced to throw the Imperial ring overboard, as its Time Magic enchantments were interfering with the ritual.

Nexus of the Wilderness

Kitsune wound up in the year 4326 along with the Careful II. She swiped the sword Suzy's soul was trapped in. Warui realized it had been taken, and intimidated her into telling him her name.

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