Keolah Kedaire

Keolah Kedaire is a song elf Seeker, and one of the founders of the Elkandu.


Keolah has features typical of a song elf, with pointed ears, a rounded chin, and soft face. Her skin has a lavender complexion, her hair is emerald green, and her eyes are silver.

Keolah's aura is green, which led to her being trained as an Earth Mage, even though her inborn Talent is actually Seeking.


Keolah is an inborn Seeker, the most powerful known to exist. Her secondary Talent is Fire Magic. While she isn't inborn to it, she was trained as a druid and learned Earth Magic, and became reasonably skilled with it.


Keolah was born on the 12th of Star Moon, 4299, LY in Ordenburg, Rascalanse, on the world of Lezaria, to Kaymore Kedaire and Rezaline Isbar. She has an older sister, Kithere Kedaire.

Keolah left home on the 3rd of Spring Moon in 4323 LY, in order to explore the world. She discovered the Nexus of Torn Elkandu, located the long-lost Tinean books, and learned to use it. Thereby she founded the Elkandu, and dedicated the group to the exploration of other worlds.

Keolah made first contact with the world of Wilderplane upon opening the Nexus to City in the Trees. She attempted to gather teachers for the School of Thought.

Keolah bore a half-elven son by Vakis, named Valerezal, born on the 23rd of Spirit Moon, 4325.

When Suzy went rogue and torched City in the Trees for the second time, she assisted Warui in hunting down his apprentice and capturing her. They used scrying rituals to chaseher across the Wilderness and ultimately had to follow her into the Abyss. Harmony gave Keolah the form of a lava demon, whereupon she thrust herself into a role pretending to be the leader of a crack team of demonic agents seeking to capture a criminal. On the return trip, the teleport ritual they used landed them in the Great Northern Ocean, where they wound up rendezvousing with the Careful, who had themselves suffered from a similar misaimed ritual. On the way back across the Open Sea, Harmony taught her how to shift herself wings, green ones the color of her magical signature.

Kaymore Rezaline
Taldruk Kithere Keolah Vakis
Scregor Valerezal
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