High Elves

High elves, or Vindáni in their own language, are a race of elves found throughout the planes.


High elves are tall, averaging 5'8“ to 6'6”. Their facial features are angular and severe, skin purple, and their hair color ranges between gold, blond, and silver. Eyes are generally blue, gold, or silver, but a variety of colors are possible.

Like other elven races, high elves have a natural aptitude for magic.

Although they are similar in appearance to Lezaria's song elves, they are taller, with sharper features and darker skin, and less of a variety of hair colors. Culturally, high elves also tend to be more arrogant.


High elves are found throughout the planes, but are absent on Lezaria aside from any recent immigrants from the planes. Any high elves on Lezaria will probably be mistaken for song elves, which will generally annoy them into correcting the misconception.

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