Harmony Kimchild

Harmony is an Albrynnian Changer and one of the founders of the Elkandu.


Although she tends to change her appearance to suit her own whims, her original form was that of a human youth, age frozen at thirteen, when her magic first manifested. She had warm, fair skin, brown hair, and dark brown eyes. This form is one that few have ever seen, however.

Her aura is brown, and it was her magical signature that the association of that hue with Change Magic came from.


Harmony is the most powerful Changer ever to live. She is capable of changing her form in any way she wishes, as well as the form of anyone else within a range of around ten feet. Due to her inborn Changing ability, she is unaffected by aging and nearly impervious to physical damage of any sort. Some types of magical damage, such as hellfire, can still cause her serious problems.


Harmony was born Daltawen, around eight to ten thousand years ago in Shadowflame Village, Albrynnia, around four thousand years before the founding of the Elven Council. She is three years younger than Amanda and eight years younger than Sardill. She was born intersex and assigned male at birth, but rejected that identity when her inborn magic manifested itself. She has gone by many names and titles throughout the ages, including Ekinda, Discordia, the Bringer of Change, the Mother of Monsters, and simply the Changer.

Among the humans of Kalor, she is worshipped as one of the Three, and has shrines to her set up all over their territories.

She came up with the name Harmony on the spot to introduce herself to Keolah's party with when they visited her lair in 4324. She traveled through time together, and very nearly ran afoul of a past version of herself who was calling herself Discordia.

When Suzcecoz went rogue in 4325, Harmony traveled with Warui's group across the Wilderness to find her, assisting them with transportation in the form of a sunrise dragon. She agreed to help in exchange for being allowed to make new wild folk across the planes, which Keolah agreed to readily without realizing that the reason she was asking was because Sardill had cursed her to be unable to change people without permission.

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