A half-elf is a crossbreed race, someone who is at least one-quarter and at most three-quarters elven descent, along with another compatible race.


A half-elf has pointed ears, usually smaller than those of their elven parent or grandparent unless the other race also has large ears, varying to the point that some half-elves are capable of passing as either a full-blooded elf or other race. Otherwise, they tend to display a midpoint between elven features and the other race involved.


Half-elves can be found wherever elves and other compatible races mingle.

Half-elves are common on Lezaria. In Kalor and other human-dominated areas, the term typically refers to an elf/human crossbreed, in eastern Zarhanna it tends to mean an elf/gnome cross, and in western Zarhanna, an elf/goblin.

On Mezulbryst and Straegarx, half-elves tend to be half dark elf along with dwarf or gnome.

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