Goblins are a race of small humanoids found on Lezaria and the planes.


Goblins tend to be around 3'6“ to 4'6” tall. Their skin varies between yellowish, brown, and green. Their hair is usually black, and their eyes can be black, yellow, or red.

Aptitude with magic is not uncommon in goblins. They are somewhat more likely than average to have talent with Fire or Earth Magic.


Goblins on Lezaria are found throughout Garateck, Rízán, and Domgad-Festig. The goblins in Garateck have a long history of having been enslaved to the trolls, while the ones in Rízán are free. In Domgad-Festig, they are considered a nuisance by the majority dwarves. Goblins may have originated from Rízán, where they lived as nomadic tribes in early days, each with its own distinct tongue.

Goblins are common on Wilderplane and Straegarx, where they don't have the same history of marginalization.

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