Image credit: Henri-Jean Guillaume Martin Ghosts are a type of incorporeal undead. Unlike wraiths, they did not remain in the physical world intentionally. As such, it is rare that they begin their afterlives with any magical abilities that would help them interact with the world, although should they remain long, they tend to learn at least some. Ghosts tend to be fairly easy to exorcise, since they do not generally actually wish to remain in the world.

Usually, when a person dies, their soul passes beyond the Veil and into the Ether to be reborn within three days. Until they pass on, they are considered a ghost. While some souls pass on immediately, others linger for much longer than the average three days, some of them remaining indefinitely, although this is very rare. Some parts of the multiverse are particularly prone to creating ghosts rather than letting souls move on. These cursed areas are often known as haunts.

Corporeal Lich, Vampire
Mindless Skeleton, Zombie
Incorporeal Ghost, Wraith
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