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Fairies are a race of diminutive elf-like humanoids, usually possessing insectoid wings.


Fairies are under three feet tall and tend to have insect-like wings of various sorts, with a few exceptions. Aside from their size and the presence of wings, they resemble elves in all other ways. They have widely varying coloration. All fairies have a high aptitude for magic. Fairies of all types have short and quick lifespans.


Around two feet tall and have butterfly wings. Their skin is usually pink, but their hair can be almost any color, and the specific colors and patterns of their wings can vary widely and are often unique. Pixies are considered adults at five years old, and can live up to twenty years.


Twelve to fourteen inches tall and have dragonfly wings. Their skin and hair is typically either green or golden. They have a similar lifespan to pixies.


Three feet tall, with damselfly wings and blue or purple skin and hair. They are considered adults at ten years old, and can live up to forty years.


Six inches tall with moth wings. Their skin and hair is usually blue or white. They are considered adults at three years old, and can live up to twelve years.

Bee fairies

Three inches tall with bee wings. They typically have bright yellow or orange hair and pitch-black skin. They are fully mature at the age of one year, and live no more than five.


Most fairies can be found in the wilderness of Wilderplane, where they have a number of towns and villages.

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