Elven calendar

The elven calendar, later called the Elkandu calendar, is the primary calendar used in Zarhanna and by the Elkandu. It denotes its beginning as the founding of the Elven Council.

This calendar consists of seven-day weeks and twelve months 28 days long.


In Zarhian, the days of the week are called Yaltor, Haltor, Tintor, Thaltor, Kharintor, Khantor, and Shaztor.

As translated into the common tongue, these became Sunday, Moonday, Treesday, Woodsday, Thundersday, Fireday, and Starday.

Zarhian Common Earth
Yaltor Sunday Sunday
Haltor Moonday Monday
Tintor Treesday Tuesday
Thaltor Woodsday Wednesday
Kharintor Thundersday Thursday
Khantor Fireday Friday
Shaztor Starday Saturday


The 28-day months originally roughly followed the progression of the larger moon, Thondorron, but as Thondorron's revolutions are closer to 29 days, the months were standardized in order to provide an even number of months in a year.

Zarhian Common Earth
Nyslesh Frost Moon January
Daklesh Heart Moon February
Kevenlesh Spring Moon March
Thyrlesh Rain Moon April
Kefarlesh Flower Moon May
Kallesh Light Moon June
Shazlesh Star Moon July
Khanlesh Fire Moon August
Kemellesh Harvest Moon September
Thurenlesh Spirit Moon October
Killesh Blood Moon November
Santorlesh Winter Moon December
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