Elves are species of humanoid, from which a variety of races originate, including the majority of divergent humanoid species.


Elves are typically shaped like humans, with two arms, two legs, five digits on each limb, and a head. Their ears are pointed, although the precise shape and length can vary. Their skin and hair colors come in a vast variety. Elves have a natural aptitude toward magic.


As elves were the original species, they exist on many planets and planes. In some places, only their descendant species still exist.


Elves originated on the planet Til'raine, millions of years ago. While the Til'dari, “Children of the Sun”, remained on Til'raine, many of them left, and were dubbed El'dari, “Children of the Stars”. The Til'dari considered them exiles who had forsaken their home. Most planets on which elves live were settled by El'dari.

Upon the destruction of Til'raine, the Til'dari created the artificial plane of Vel'kira, and became the Vel'dari, “Children of the Void”. When Vel'kira broke apart, the Vel'dari residing on the remaining fragments became the various races of elves of the planes.

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