Earth Magic

Earth Mage, also known as geomancy, is a of the common elemental Talent. It deals with the manipulation of plants, rocks, dirt, and metal. In addition to the term Earth Mage, a specialist in plant manipulation is called a druid, while one of any other branch of Earth Magic is called a geomancer.

The aura color typically associated with Earth Magic is dark green.


Someone who can manipulate plants is called a druid. This includes causing them to move on their own, making them grow quickly, and guiding their growth. Elven druids often use plant magic to manipulate trees to grow dwellings.

Rocks and Dirt

A geomancer can manipulate rocks and dirt in various ways. They can dig or fill holes in the ground, trigger earthquakes, cause stone walls to crumble, or construct stone walls. Offensively, an Earth Mage can cause spikes of stone to erupt from the ground to attack or trap an enemy.


More rarely, geomancers are capable of manipulating metal. This is often used in assisting in forging weapons, armor, and tools, in order to make them stronger than they would normally be, but it can also be used to damage or destroy metal objects as well. A skilled geomancer can also use Earth Magic to adjust the size of armor to fit someone it wasn't made for.

Common Talents Earth, Fire, Frost, Lightning, Water, Wind
Uncommon Talents Death, Illusion, Life, Mind, Motion, Security, Seeking, Speech
Rare Talents Catalysm, Change, Dream, Soul, Time, Void
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