Dwarves are a humanoid race found throughout Lezaria and the planes.


Dwarves are shorter than average, standing between 4'0“ and 4'6”, although they are muscular and bulky for their size. Contrary to stereotypes, not every dwarf has a beard. Dwarves have a similar range of skin and hair colors as humans, although the island dwarves of Domgad-Festig tend toward the darker end of the spectrum than their cousins who primarily live underground. Dwarven eyes are usually black or brown.

Dwarves have no natural aptitude for magic and it is rare for a dwarf to learn it, although there is the occasional inborn mage, as with most races.


On Lezaria, dwarves are primarily found in Domgad-Festig, where they are the majority population, and in eastern Zarhanna, Tregas Valley in particular.

Out on the planes, dwarves are the majority race on Straegarx. Some can be found on Wilderplane, and a smattering of them can be found elsewhere.

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