Dragons are a reptilian race, highly magical and natural shapeshifters


Dragons come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. Different varieties are capable of utilizing various forms of breath attacks.

All dragons are natural shapeshifters, but most do not choose to change form or even to learn to change form. It is possible for dragons to mate with humanoids while in humanoid form, and thereby to produce humanoids with dragon blood. Sometimes, someone with dragon blood may be born with the soul of a dragon, and thereby be capable of transforming into a dragon. While a dragon's “true” form is fixed, they may choose their humanoid form, and if they are very skilled, they may even construct multiple humanoid forms for themselves to use as they wish.


Dragons are primarily found on Lezaria, mainly in mountainous regions such as Garateck and Kedresida, as well a throughout Albrynnia. They possess a city called Anachelgada, in the mountains of eastern Hlusinia.

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