Delven Thrack

Delven Thrack is a Hlayan human bard.


Like most Hlayans, Delven has warm, brown skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. His aura is amber.


Delven is skilled with several instruments, although he favors the flute. He speaks several languages, including Zarhian, Hlayan, Doralisian, and Flylish, in addition to the common tongue. As a bard, he knows a number of songs and stories.

Although not originally an inborn mage, Sardill granted him the gift of Speech Magic. He has used this ability to create many translator amulets and devices for the Elkandu.


Delven was born on the 15th of Harvest Moon, 4285 LY, in Hrackston, Hlaya, on the world of Lezaria.

Nexus of the Ancients

When Keolah left Rascalanse in Spring Moon of 4323, Delven traveled with her across Lezaria. He was one of the first people to see the Nexus of Torn Elkandu and became a founding member of the Elkandu.

He spoke with the Tin'dari of Thalarey in their communal dream and convinced them to prepare the zephyli for the world and let them go if they wished.

Delven traveled with the Careful back in time. The party had difficulty in communicating with most due to not speaking the languages currently spoken in that time period. Sardill gave him an opportunity to become an inborn Speaker, and after some convincing, he agreed to take it. This was more practical than altruistic on the part of Sardill, since Delven was already skilled with multiple languages and a translator was necessary.

With his newfound Speech abilities, Delven convinced a young valiar girl to travel with them to Thalarey in an attempt to learn the Tinean language from the great trees. The tree elves saw through the party's schemes and placed a booby trap in the valiar's mind, so that when Sedder tried to extract the lingual knowledge, he triggered it and was forced to withdraw.

Nexus of the Wilderness

Delven learned how to enchant items and made a number of translator amulets and devices for the Elkandu. When the Nexus was opened up to City in the Trees in 4324, he went through to learn about the songs and stories of the local elves and fairies. He was present when Suzy's inborn Fire Magic awoke and destroyed the inn, and went back to Torn Elkandu to get help.

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