Calto Steamburnsyouifyougetitinyourface

Calto Steamburnsyouifyougetitinyourface is a gnome engineer from Lezaria.


Calto has smooth features, a round face, and golden skin. His shaggy hair is teal, and his eyes are a dark indigo color. His aura is sky blue.


Calto is a skilled and innovative engineer. He knows quite a bit about steam engines and machinery. Although not an inborn mage, he learned a small amount of various spells in order to assist with his work. In particular, due to his sky blue aura, he was trained in Wind Magic.


Calto was born in the Valley of Gal, Mithim, on the world of Lezaria. He became the chief engineer on the gnomish steamship Careful­withthe­steamorit­will­burn­you.

Nexus of the Ancients

Calto joined up with Keolah's party in 4323 and traveled around the world in search of information about the Nexus, and became one of the founders of the Elkandu. He traveled back in time with the group and although the Careful was destroyed in the process, he came up with new ideas on how to handle the time travel ritual better.

Nexus of the Wilderness

He studied the runes of the Nexus in Torn Elkandu for a while before returning to steamship work.

Steamship of Time

In 4325, Calto assisted in the construction of the steamship Careful­youdont­getstruckby­lightning­while­traveling­through­time. On its maiden voyage, it went back in time to the ancient Sunrise Islands, where Kitsune Tsuki stowed away. When the local authorities came looking for Kitsune, the ship was forced to flee and make a hasty jump back to their original time, although the engines sustained damage due to Kitsune's accidental tampering.

Nexus of Ice

After losing the Careful II in the Sea of Doom, Calto and his crew build a new ship named Carefulyoudontfallofftheedgeoftheworldtoyourdoom. They took a break from adventuring to do a shakedown cruise of ferrying magic students across the Sea of Stars.

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