An aura is a thin layer of mana around a being with a soul, visible with the use of Seeking Magic. Each individual has a unique color and hue of aura, although similar colors are often passed on in bloodlines.

Historically, elves believed that the aura color was indicative of a person's innate Talents, and hence trained their children in the associated Talents. It took a very long time for this to be disproven, resulting in a persistent general belief among Elkandu in the correlation between aura color and inborn magic.

Dark Red Blood Magic
Red-Orange Fire Magic
Orange Lightning Magic
Brown Change Magic
Yellow Motion Magic
Olive Poison Magic
Light Green Seeking Magic
Dark Green Earth Magic
Cyan Security Magic
Sky Blue Wind Magic
Blue-Green Water Magic
Ice Blue Frost Magic
Dark Blue Time Magic
Indigo Dream Magic
Deep Purple Void Magic
Purple Mind Magic
Lavender Illusion Magic
Magenta Catalysm
Pink Speech Magic
Black Death Magic
White Healing Magic
Gray Soul Magic

Concepts Aura, Focus, Inborn, Mana, Rebirth, Ritual, Runes, Soul, Talents
Locations Dream, Ether, Nodes, Veil, Void
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