Albrynnia is the southern continent of Lezaria, and the smallest of its three continents.


Albrynnia is located in the southern hemisphere due south of Kalor, and is the southernmost landmass on Lezaria. The climate is temperate, and the land is covered in mountains and forests.

The northernmost port town is Jaston, although not much traffic goes between Albrynnia and Kalor. West of Jaston lies Shadowflame Village, ancient home of Harmony Kimchild, the Changer.

The Mountains of Sorrow run south of Jaston and Shadowflame, cutting them off from the rest of the continent put for one narrow pass, the Pass of Lamentation. Beyond the Mountains of Sorrow lies nothing but wilderness dotted by wild holds and the ruins of once-great cities.

Albrynnia is rich in copper and tin, but poor in iron, hence most of its weapons and tools were made of bronze.


Once, Albrynnia was united into a vast empire that spanned across Kalor and the Sunrise Islands. Harmony created a vast variety of monsters and shapeshifters.

Eventually, Harmony came into conflict with the Empire itself. But by this point, she was an immensely powerful Changer in full command of her powers. With the aid of her monsters, she brought down the Albrynnian Empire singlehandedly.

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