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 +====Vanankyte Venari====
 +Vanankyte Venari, commonly called Van, is a [[fire demon]] from [[Addanat]],​ in the [[Abyss]]. Her [[aura]] is <color #​990000/#​330000>​dark red</​color>​.
 +Vanankyte was born in [[Addanat]],​ on the 407th layer of [[Abyss]]. She became [[Ayande]]'​s apprentice and began learning [[primal magic]].
 +In 4325, Ayande was summoned to [[Torn Elkandu]] by the [[Soul Mage]], [[Warui]], as practice for his apprentice, [[Suzcecoz]]. In her absence, Vanankyte was now considered an unauthorized magic practitioner and the city lay siege to Ayande'​s tower. In desperation,​ Vanankyte cast a [[teleport]] [[ritual]] using an item Ayande had [[enchanted]] as a focus. The botched spell sent her wildly off course, and landed her near [[Kelletirandia]],​ on the world of [[Wilderplane]],​ where she was captured by members of the [[Darkweavers]]. Vanankyte was imprisoned for months, held in the Darkweavers'​ dungeon behind strong [[wards]] and a [[mana-suppression collar]]. [[The Nameless One]] interrogated her and coerced her to teach him primal magic.
 +In mid 4236, Ayande, now merged with Suzcecoz, was now able to search for her. With the help of the [[Elkandu]],​ she tracked Vanankyte down to Kelletirandia. In the process of trying to find a way inside the Darkweavers'​ stronghold, however, the Elkandu tipped off the Nameless One and spooked him into evacuating himself with Vanankyte. When the Elkahdu raided the Darkweavers'​ stronghold, Vanankyte was no longer to be found.
 +As the Elkandu pursued, Vanankyte came to an agreement with the Nameless One, who released her. They were shortly afterward captured by [[dwarves]] who live under an [[antimagic]] field deep below Kelletirandia. Before the dwarves could turn Vanankyte into crafting materials, the Elkandu raided the dwarf town and rescued her.
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