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 +====Vanankyte Venari====
 +Vanankyte Venari, commonly called Van, is a [[fire demon]] from [[Addanat]], in the [[Abyss]]. Her [[aura]] is <color #990000/#330000>dark red</color>.
 +Vanankyte was born in [[Addanat]], on the 407th layer of [[Abyss]]. She became [[Ayande]]'s apprentice and began learning [[primal magic]].
 +In 4325, Ayande was summoned to [[Torn Elkandu]] by the [[Soul Mage]], [[Warui]], as practice for his apprentice, [[Suzcecoz]]. In her absence, Vanankyte was now considered an unauthorized magic practitioner and the city lay siege to Ayande's tower. In desperation, Vanankyte cast a [[teleport]] [[ritual]] using an item Ayande had [[enchanted]] as a focus. The botched spell sent her wildly off course, and landed her near [[Kelletirandia]], on the world of [[Wilderplane]], where she was captured by members of the [[Darkweavers]]. Vanankyte was imprisoned for months, held in the Darkweavers' dungeon behind strong [[wards]] and a [[mana-suppression collar]]. [[The Nameless One]] interrogated her and coerced her to teach him primal magic.
 +In mid 4236, Ayande, now merged with Suzcecoz, was now able to search for her. With the help of the [[Elkandu]], she tracked Vanankyte down to Kelletirandia. In the process of trying to find a way inside the Darkweavers' stronghold, however, the Elkandu tipped off the Nameless One and spooked him into evacuating himself with Vanankyte. When the Elkahdu raided the Darkweavers' stronghold, Vanankyte was no longer to be found.
 +As the Elkandu pursued, Vanankyte came to an agreement with the Nameless One, who released her. They were shortly afterward captured by [[dwarves]] who live under an [[antimagic]] field deep below Kelletirandia. Before the dwarves could turn Vanankyte into crafting materials, the Elkandu raided the dwarf town and rescued her.
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