Time Magic

Time Magic, also known as chronomancy, is a rare Talent involving the manipulation of time in various ways.

The aura color typically associated with Time Magic is dark blue.

Time fields

The most basic use of Time Magic is to create a time field in which time moves faster or slower. This can be used, for instance, to create a very small area of hasted time around oneself in order to briefly move faster in combat or to perform a task more quickly than they'd otherwise be able.

A typical use of time fields is in creating slowing fields to preserve objects within them, such as boxes enchanted with Time Magic that hold food in stasis inside them to keep it fresh.

Time sight

At its simplest level, time sight can be used to tell what time it currently is. Most mages who are capable of time sight are only good enough at it to be able to forego the need to wear a watch.

There are those who call themselves prophets and claim to be able to perfectly predict what will happen in the future. Most of the time, they're lying and their sight isn't nearly as good as they claim it is. Very rarely, a Time Mage capable of viewing the future will realize that the future isn't fixed and what they really need to do is examine probabilities and take into account what may be likely to happen, because there's no way to predict what will happen.

While future prediction is a hazy subject, it is, however, completely possible to perfectly view the past. Many don't realize that time sight can work both ways. The opposite of prophecy is called memory, although the term is specifically used to refer to the “memory of a place” or the “memory of an object”. A rare Time Mage may realize their power is put to better use in seeing what previously happened in a place or to an object.

Time travel

While Time Mages are rare enough, Time Mages who are capable of time travel are even rarer. Strictly speaking, a Time Mage cannot travel into their own past, nor can one change time. If one travels into the past, the very act of doing so will branch off a new timeline. Unless one has left a temporal beacon behind in their original timeline, they will probably never be able to return to the universe from which they came. Like with Motion Magic, beacons can be set up to help find a place again, only in this case, a time.

Although it is not possible to actually change time, if someone goes into the past and changes something and continues to live in the new timeline that had been created, time may as well have been changed from their perspective.

Alternate universes

Moving through time does not necessarily mean going into the past or a potential future. A Time Mage can also travel to an alternate present. The same caveats about leaving a temporal beacon behind to enable a return trip apply. Alternate universes can be very unpredictable, since the starting parameters may be completely different. Sometimes alternate universes may result from a simple divergence in events, even a tiny one, but other times there are fundamental differences in effect the first place. A parallel universe has a few very different parameters but has otherwise run its course in a very similar manner.


Paradox is what happens when something happens that can't happen. It probably means bad things happen, but it has never happened, because it isn't possible for it to happen. Or has it?

Common Talents Earth, Fire, Frost, Lightning, Water, Wind
Uncommon Talents Death, Illusion, Life, Mind, Motion, Security, Seeking, Speech
Rare Talents Catalysm, Change, Dream, Soul, Time, Void
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