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-#REDIRCT [[Spire of Kelletirandia]]+====Spire==== 
 +The Spire of Kelletirandia is the tallest known structure in the multiverse. It is located in the center of the city of [[Kelletirandia]], in the [[Civilized Realms]] of the plane of [[Wilderplane]]. It houses the primary [[Nexus]] of Wilderplane. 
 +The material that makes up the Spire is unknown, but similar to that of the Nexus and of extreme strength and durability. Due to either the physical or magical properties of the Spire, it is impossible to [[teleport]] in or out while it is sealed except via the Nexus. Another effect attributed to the Spire is the extension of its Nexus' reach, allowing access to Nexi in the network much further away than other Nexi can reach. For example, it is possible to teleport to [[Torn Elkandu]] from Kelletirandia, but from Torn Elkandu one must take the [[City in the Trees]] Nexus first. 
 +The Spire actually extends into the ground as far as it ascends into the sky. It is strongly suspected that the Spire contributes to the stability of Wilderplane, establishing a large, perfectly circular plane. 
 +In 4236, the [[Elkandu]] reactivated the Nexus of Kelletirandia and set up a base in the Spire. 
 +{{tag>Wilderplane Buildings}}
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