Speech Magic

Speech Magic, also called Speaking, is an uncommon Talent with abilities related to the voice and language. Someone with Speech Magic is called a Speaker.

The aura color typically associated with Speech Magic is pink.

Language comprehension

Speakers are often capable of understanding spoken languages. They may be able to speak back in any language that can be understood by its listeners, or at least have knack for learning languages more quickly than most. Speakers are also naturally good at accents and dialects. Some may be able to manipulate their voice in order to imitate another person or disguise themselves.

Vocal influence

Speakers are supernaturally good at persuasion, diplomacy, and suggestion. Their power is insidious and very few people can fully resist it or ward against it, and unlike Mind Magic, Speech can easily be used to influence many people at once. Fortunately, Speakers powerful enough to do more than be slightly more convincing than usual are extremely rare.

Common Talents Earth, Fire, Frost, Lightning, Water, Wind
Uncommon Talents Death, Illusion, Life, Mind, Motion, Security, Seeking, Speech
Rare Talents Catalysm, Change, Dream, Soul, Time, Void
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